Re: Combination units vs. VCRs

Scott Allen (
Tue, 14 Oct 1997 15:36:04 -0500

I keep one combo unit around for faculty needing to use AV on the road.
All other AV equipment I buy is separate TV's and VCR's. I just like the
versatility that separate pieces afford. Plus, it's been my experience
that a good tv will last about 3 times as long as a well used vcr, even an
expensive industrial model. If you have a big budget and ease of use is
most important, then go with the combos. But be sure you keep an ample
supply on hand and that you are well trained in cleaning and
trouble-shooting. Otherwise, stick to the individual pieces.

Scott Allen

> I'm having trouble with a Panasonic monitor/VCR combination unit,
>specifically the AG-513 model. Another one of these bit the dust some time
>we also have the AG-513b models (two) in our media library. Frankly, I'm not
>really impressed with their performance, either.
> Overall, would you recommend combination units over using a separate TV
>hooked up to a VCR? If you do prefer the combination units, is there a
>brand you'd recommend?
>and model you'd recommend over others? And if you prefer to simply hook up TV
>monitors to VCRs, is there a brand and model of VCR that you'd recommend over
>others? I think some money is opening up in our budget, so I'd really like to
>order something substantial that would last a good long while. Any tips
>you can
>offer would be much appreciated. Thank you.
> -- K. L. Weber, TCU Library --

Scott Allen
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