Re: Inquiry: Kieslowski's Decalogue

milos (
Sat, 11 Oct 1997 08:21:44 -0700

Jeffrey Broesche wrote:
> Does anybody know where I can obtain a home video copy of Decalogue by
> Kieslowski?
> Thanks
> Jeffrey Broesche
> Jeffrey Broesche
> First Run/Icarus Films
> 153 Waverly Place, Sixth Floor
> New York City 10014 USA
> tel 212.727.1711
> fax 212.989.7649

You can only get a PAL version from England. The Decalogue, is the victim
of one of the saddest distribution histories, a mixture of self-delusion,
greed and incompetence (the asking price for U.S. rights by the
Canadian company which owns the North American rights was $1.5 million).
The result is that is is not in distribution in any form in U.S., and
has only been seen in festival-type situations.

Milos Stehlik
Facets Video