Re: Video search "How to Design a Non-Person" (Theresa_Kenkel@Douglas.BC.CA)
Wed, 8 Oct 97 11:01:18 PDT

Try the title "How to create a non-person".

We own this, but unfortunately do no loan it out on ILL.

It's based on a paper by Barbara M. Laging.

Producer: Tanya Nemiroff

Executive Producer: Gilbert Rosenberg

Produced by Maimonides Hospital and Home for the Aged.

It may have been made or distributed in Montreal.

Good luck, Theresa
> I have a patron who's looking to buy (but will accept ILL) a copy of the
> above title. Details: possibly British, c1976, written by Ronald Blumer,
> 19 min. We have checked OCLC, Video Source Book, F&V Finder, and Educational
> Film & Video Locator. I gather it is about the de-humanization of the
> elderly. Any leads will be appreciated!
> Rebecca Locke-Gagnon
> Toledo-Lucas Co. Public Library
> Toledo, OH

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