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L. M. Lockley (
Fri, 3 Oct 1997 11:32:28 -0500 (CDT)


In my district we have an Adult video selector 'and' a Children's video
selector. If a title is selected by the Adult selector it is catalogued
as adult and vice versa. It is rare for there to be any conflict; I've
questioned "who" should handle an occassional video donation but it is
usually obvious if it's an Adult title or a juvenile title. We do have a
multi media collection development policy but it doesn't specifically
define what is juvenile or adult except that the list of criteria for
selecting children's videos is a bit longer than that for the adult.

As we catalog them separately, we shelve them separately except in some
branches where floor space is at a premium then they are all shelved on
the same set of video shelving. Even then the 'J' titles are on one "side"
and the adult are on the other which is still separation.

Most of the branches (when they have the shelf space) are now shelving
the Adult non-fiction videos with the Adult non-fiction books and the
patrons seem to like this.(They can find a book and/or a video on on the
same subject at the same time.) This has "not" been done with the
Juvenile non-fiction videos and there are no plans to do so as the
children and their parents still appear to like to 'browse' the children's
titles as a group.

Hope this helps.


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On Fri, 3 Oct 1997, Nancy Miller wrote:

> I have a question about how other public libraries classify and
> shelve their video collection. In particular, I am interested
> to know if libraries separate their children's and youth videos
> from their adult collection.
> If so, what criteria is used to select items for children or
> youth. And where do you shelve Disney films such as Beauty and
> the Beast, Aladdin, etc?
> Thanks.
> Nancy Miller
> Virginia Beach Public Library
> Virginia Beach, VA