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This is a hard one, Jane. I guess what would matter most to me
is..."Is the software (the Chinese films) worth having to deal
with PAL VCD players?" The VCD's will outlive the players. So
buy five players and put some in the closet.

Or buy one player and get permission to dub to VHS.

I have recently found that I can buy Indian video on VCD. We
have a big collection of Indian cinema, so its tempting, but I
backed off of adding another format...because it is VCD, which
never caught on here, and VCD-PAL at that!

Good luck, Jane. I wish I had a better answer!

According to Agee, Jane:
> Dear videolib colleagues,
> Do any of you have experience with VCDs?
> One of our professors has a grant which is providing us with video from
> China. The Chinese contact writes "quite a lot of new films published in VCD
> forms, no videotape anymore. We can get some VCDs of new films, but there is
> the system problem now, all VCDs published in China are in PAL system.
>So you
> want me to buy a VCD machine (made in China) for you?"
> We found an article of Frequently Asked Questions on video CDs on the web
> ( so we now are a little more
> knowledgeable. Now we have to decide if we want to add this video
>format; so if
> you has any words of wisdom to offer, I'd appreciate hearing from you.
> Thanks, in advance.
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> Duke University Library
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