Extra Extra re:Movie Star?

Simon Hart (simon.hart@librius.otago.ac.nz)
Thu, 25 Sep 1997 11:38:01 +1100

on 24/9 I wrote
>>I have a client who is seeking information on H. S. (possibly Henry
>>Sutherland) Valentine. Born in New Zealand, he left these shores to seek
>>his fortune in Hollywood in the 1930's. Word is he did have some success, a
>>local beauty contest winner won a trip to Hollywood and meet with him
>>there. Can any one check in house indexes, or databases in the US? Its a
>>long shot, but worth a try.
>>many thanks

and Oksana wrote
>If I had a set in my office, I would check the AFI catalogue for the 1930's.
>But since his name doesn't seem to appear in lead or supporting roles
>anywhere one usually looks, perhaps Mr. Valentine was made to change his

Thanks for all the responses, what I have so far:

It does appear that Mr Valentine did change his name. We are infering this
as we now know from a local newspaper clipping that he played Tom Warren in
the 1930 version of Sunny directed by William A Seiter. Both the IMDB and
BFI index tell us that the actors name was Lawrence Gray (otherwise known
as Larry Gray). IMDB make reference to 35 film roles for a Lawrence Gray.

I also now know that Mr Valentine's first name was William.

Can anyone confirm the name change? Can any one provide any new information
based on these new details? My client is more interested in biographical

once again many thanks,


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