Re: Compact Shelving

Oksana Dykyj (
Wed, 24 Sep 1997 12:57:00 +0000 (HELP)

At 04:16 PM 9/22/97 -0700, Gary wrote:
>We're getting ready to shop around for video compact shelving. Anyone
>got any experiences, favorites, horror stories they want to share. We're
>looking for something that's gonna have maximum density, ease of access, and
>durability...what else is new?
>Any sage advice would be greatly appreciated.

What timing! We are having a system installed tomorrow. I took over the
National Film Board's 16mm lending collection for the Quebec area earlier
this year. It consists of 5500 prints. I investigated a couple of companies
and went with the one that the National Film Board was using after having
visited their facilities and carefully examined the system. Montel makes
high density storage and filing systems to accommodate for books, files,
films, videos, or anything you need to have stored. The unit rows can be
moved easily and smoothly and their length can range anywhere from 3 to 30 feet.

The system I am getting is the Quadramobile. Montel has a branch office in
Florida, I'm told. The contact person there is Jean Pierre Doucet at
407-726-9777. Ask for brochures.
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