Re: Challenged videos
Mon, 22 Sep 1997 15:21:30 +0000

> I've been watching the titles of so-called controversial videos and
> wondering why no one has mentioned human sexuality videos. I doubt
> any feature film title could be any more explicit. How do all of you
> handle these titles?


Good point. In my article for LJ, I bring up the fact that whenever I
do a talk at a library conference, I always perform this experiment:
first I ask how many people own (or try to keep on the shelves) "The
Joy of Sex" (the book). Nearly 100% of the hands shoot up. Then I ask
how many people own the video equivalent, and nearly 100% of the
raised hands come back down. I think there are a couple factors
operating here: 1) much of what's released as sexual instruction is
really little more than hardcore porn with droning narration (we're
reviewing some new titles in our next issue that I haven't watched
yet), and 2) a lot of these companies don't actively solicit the
library market, and what is out of sight is often out of mind from a
collection development standpoint (unfortunately, this is also true
of a lot of other video categories, as well--how many libraries are
actively collecting music/concert videos? I have to ask for review
copies, so I know they're not being sent to review pubs
automatically). If Irene Wood from "Booklist" is out there, she might
have some additional thoughts on this...

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