Re: Banned Videos/Censorship challenges
Mon, 22 Sep 1997 10:37:54 MDT

>A title that hasn't appeared on anyone's list yet, but caused a great
>of controversy for the University of Iowa's media center during my
>is the ever-famous "Taxi zum Klo," a title that actually forced
changes in
>the university's teaching policies. Despite threatened legal
>it remains on the shelf four years after the challenge (although a bit
>worse for the wear, from what I understand!)
"Taxi Zum Klo" is one of three videos that have been challenged at the
Denver Public Library in the three years I have been buying for the
collection. We have also had "Blue Velvet" come under fire within the
last couple of months by a grandmother who checked the video out to
view with her granddaughter. Maybe she confused it with "National
Velvet". The only other title to be challenged in my tenure was the
"Black King", on the grounds that it depicted African Americans as
manipulative and greedy. Although we take our customers concerns in
this process very seriously, none of these titles have been withdrawn.

I think we've been lucky that we haven't had more complaints, given the
fact that we have a large collection of videos, many of which appear on
Randy's preliminary list. We've had more complaints from providing
unrestricted web access to our customers than anything we have in our


James G. Smith
Collection Development Office
Denver Public Library