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Fri, 19 Sep 1997 10:28:21 -0500 (EST)

With the recent discussion of DVD on the list recently, I thought it might
be helpful to remind subsribers of some sources of information about DVD.
I mention laserdisc and DVD on the subject line, because at least three of
these sources cover both optical formats.

_Laser Scans: The Laserdisc and DVD Newsletter_ is a free, electronic
newletter, edited and published monthly by Chris McGowan. It covers both
laserdisc and DVD, providing news and statistical information about sales
of hardware and software, as well as brief information about new releases
on both formats. Subscribe by sending an email message to; just ask to be added to the mailing list.

_The Laser Disc Newsletter_ is published monthly by Douglas Pratt. It
costs $35 for one year. The address is PO Box 420, East Rockaway, New
York 11518-0420. This is primarily a review source. Pratt writes
excellent, fairly lengthy reviews of major new releases on both laserdisc
and DVD. He focuses upon the technical quality of the disc, with content
being a secondary consideration. As most titles reviewed are feature
films, this is appropriate, since we have other sources of information
about the quality of the content. While most of the titles reviewed are
laserdisc -- reflecting the number of new releases -- an increasing number
of DVD titles are reviewed every month. Pratt also provides information
about all new releases, including those he has not reviewed. The
September issue included reviews for 70 laserdiscs and 27 DVDs. This
publication is a bargain and offers unique evaluative information.

_Laser Disc Related Sites_ is an excellent directory to Web-based
information about laserdisc. The URL:
The section on Magazines links to more than a dozen review review sources
and news publications.

A similar site for DVD, simply called _DVD_ is at
It has the best links I could find, including the one listed below.

_DVD Frequently Asked Questions_ offers excellent background information
on the format, plus links to information about new releases. It was last
updated on July 27, 1997. The URL:

For industry news from a professional association, the Optical Video Disc
Association home page includes information and updates on both laserdisc
and DVD. The URL:

Just a few resources...

Kristine Brancolini
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