Re: Banned Videos/Censorship challenges

Nancy Miller (
Fri, 19 Sep 97 11:16:23 EDT

According to
> I'm working on an article for the Nov. 15th issue of "Library
> Journal" concerning censorship issues surrounding video, and would
> appreciate hearing librarian's experiences with indivdual titles.
> Also, if anyone if familiar with a source for a list of challenged or
> banned videos (I've tried keyword searches on Hotbot, but so far
> haven't really found a good list), I'd be interested in that as well.
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In the almost ten years that Virginia Beach Public Library has
had a circulating video collection we have only had a few
titles challenged. In each case a committe reviewed the
challenged item and responded in writing to the library
customer. No videos have been removed from the collection as
the result of a reconsideration request.

Herewith is the list of challenged items and why the customer
asked us to remove it from the collection.

MY LIFE AS A DOG -- the customer objected to the full frontal
adult nudity, children in the nude, and the sex-related language.

A ROOM WITH A VIEW -- the customer objected to the full frontal
and rear male nudity and wanted the video labeled for adults

WHAT HAVE I DONE TO DESERVE THIS -- the customer objected to
the full frontal and rear male nudity, the "obscene" language,
and the shower scene of sexual intercourse.

THE DOG WHO STOPPED THE WAR -- the customer objected because
her child was upset by the dog being crushed when the snow fort
collapses and then is buried "with some sort of seeds in a

Let me know if you need additional information or have
questions. It seems that the pattern is to object to frontal
nudity more than anything else.

Nancy Miller
Collection Management Bibliographer
Virginia Beach Public Library
Virginia Beach, VA 23452