Tue, 16 Sep 1997 20:46:31 -0400 (EDT)

I need help! I=92m trying to track down copyright information of a docum=
done on Borobudur by the name of Borobudur: The Cosmic Mountain . This i=
what I know about it: =20
1. It was produced and shot by Brian Brake (a well known photographer) a=
his partner Raymond Lao, Zodiac Films Limited, in 1972
2. The original version is approximately 40 minutes long (it was done on
film), a later version was also done with clips of the original on VHS th=
was only 28 minutes long. It was called Camera 3, and produced by John
Musilli. =20
3. A copy of it was previously held by the University of California
Berkeley Extension Media Department. They said that they originally boug=
the copy from Berkeley films, which doesn=92t appear to be in business an=

4. The only locatable print that still exists is at the University of
Michigan Film Library.
5. It is not registered with the Library of Congress.

If you have ever heard of it, or know a way to track it down, please tell=
I have tried all of the basic searching,: Internet searches, Libraries, =
books. I haven=92t come up with anything. If you know how to get in tou=
ch of
the estate of Brian Brake, it would be of much help too. =20