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Ancient Lives actually 8 titles and is available for rental from Penn State
Audio-Visual Services. Purchase is through Films for the Humanities and

PO BOX 2053
PRINCETON NJ 08543-2053 (609)275-1400

Ancient Lives: 1 -- The Village of the Craftsmen
Ancient Lives: 2 -- The Valley of the Kings
Ancient Lives: 3 -- An Artist's Life
Ancient Lives: 4 -- Temple Priest and Civil Servants
Ancient Lives: 5 -- Woman's Place
Ancient Lives: 6 -- Dreams and Rituals
Ancient Lives: 7 -- The Year of the Hyena
Ancient Lives: 8 -- The Deserted Village

Don't know about cc.

>I am looking for this series from 1985. I think it has 4 programs:
>Village of Craftsmen; Mountains of Gold; Processional Way of Gods; and
>Year of the Hyena. Can it be purchased? Is is closed captioned?
>Judie Porter, Portsmouth Schools, R.I.

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