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Thu, 4 Sep 1997 10:38:03 PST8PDT

Big!!!!!! financial copyright consequences for your university if

Date: Thu, 4 Sep 1997 08:54:52 -0700
From: Judy Richter <>
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Subject: video search & copyright question

1) I am looking for an old Nova production called - The Mind Machines.
Anyone know a source for both rental and purchase?

2) I am still searching for videos on the topic serial killers which
the instructor has now expanded to include murder. Any suggestions?

3) I need a vendor for Les Brown's - Make This Your Decade. Anyone
know a purchase source? I have a source for his others videos but not
this one.

4) I have an instructor who wants to take ten (10) minutes from a
series of videos and put them on the school's web infrastructure. He
wants them placed in a special folder that his students will have access
to for use. I have discussed the copyright ramifications with him but I
am still not getting through to him. Any suggestions on how to handle

Thank you ahead of time for everyones' assistance.

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