RE: Framed Art collections?

HIRSCH Bonnie C (
Wed, 27 Aug 1997 07:48:00 -0700

We used to, but eliminated it for several reasons about four years ago.
The collection was getting pretty tired looking and we had no money for
new prints, we needed the space for our primary collection, circulation
of the collection was dropping.... Our Friends of the Library hold used
book and magazine sales to raise funds for the library, so we gave all
the prints to them to sell. By noon only the ugliest and rattiest few
pieces were left. (The Friends also sold off our LP record collection
when we eliminated it, by the way.)

Bonnie Hirsch
Eugene (Oregon) Public Library
| From: Julie Spiegler
| To: Multiple recipients of list
| Subject: Framed Art collections?
| Date: Tuesday, August 26, 1997 1:17PM
| To all public librarians - Does your library circulate framed art
| sculptures? I have to do a quick survey for my director to justify
| the Audiovisual Department doesn't need to be circulating our 22-year
| art collection. Thanks for your help!
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