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Wed, 27 Aug 97 11:36:03 est

I had the same question. According to the printout from WorldCat, "In
Muotathal, Switzerland the local singers perform a variant of yodel called yootz
or juuz. Film places yootzing in it's social context and discusses how the art
is being lost in current generation."
A bit of trivia for the day!

Subject: Re: Search for four titles
Date: 8/19/97 1:12 PM

Jane -
i gotta ask...what's "yootzing"????

curiously, rhonda rosen

At 07:20 AM 8/19/97 -0700, you wrote:
>Good morning, video! We're searching for sources to buy these
>titles or as a last resort, borrow them.
>Atumpan, the talking drums of Ghana, 198? Institute of Ethnomusicology, UC
> (We'll also try calling these people.)
>Mbira, spirit of the people, 1990 (may be British)
>Under African Skies, BBC, 1989
>Yootzing and Yodelling, by Hugo Zemp, 1987
>Thanks in advance.
>Jane Agee,
>Duke University Library

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