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The film that was seen could be 'Blackfellas' directed by James
Ricketson (1992). It could have been released in North America under the
title 'Day of the Dog', which was the title of the book by Archie Weller
on which the film was based. It is set in Perth and is about a young
Aboriginal guy who has just been released from jail. The film looks at
the pressures on urban Aborigines.

In Australia it is distributed by the Australian Film Institute. Their
web site is:

The film was nominated for AFI awards in 1993. There are short films on
this topic but I assume you are seeking a feature film.

You could double check with your customer that is was an Australian
Aborigine and NOT a Kalahari Bushmen as in 'The Gods Must Be Crazy'. The
latter film is the theme/story asked for but it is a South African film.

I doubt very much it is 'The Chant of Jimmy Blacksmith' which was based
on an actual incident in late 19th century Australia.

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A customer of mine is looking for a video that was in the art houses a
few years back that was about a young Aboriginal guy who was entering
into big city Australian life and all the trials and tribulations he
went through. Does this ring a bell for anyone?


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