Re: Australia

Judy Lawrence (
Wed, 27 Aug 1997 08:39:26 +1200

A really good source of videos on indigenous peoples and related themes from
this part of the world (South / east Pacific) is
`Connected Media Trust' email -

They have a WWW site with their catalogue

Judy Lawrence


>I remember seeing a review of it, but cannot recall the title. Another
>along the same theme, which is listed in the Facets catalog, is The Fringe
>Dwellers--except the main character is a young woman. Very good. Another
>I've not seen but which is along the same theme, maybe, is The Chant of
>Jimmie Blacksmith (I think that's the title), and is based on an actual
>incident. This one (The Chant . ..) is not listed in Facets, so maybe it's
>out of print. But neither is exactly the one you mean, I think.
>Susan Shaw