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Chris Lewis (
Fri, 22 Aug 1997 15:50:57 -0400

I know Videolib isn't to be used to plug products but the following
press release concerns an innovation of such import, I thought it would
be a worthy exception to the rule.
Chris Lewis
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While the industry haggles over simple details concerning the new
digital disc format, Evolution has been privy to a bombshell of new

First of all, the new name is not DVD (digital Video Disc), rather BVD.
This new name encompasses some rather new and exciting features. BVD or
Bigdeal Video Disc, is such a big deal, it is now gone from the standard
5 1/4 inch compact disc size to the mega-sized 18 inch R-BVD (Really
Bigdeal Video Disc). Entirely new players will be needed. These units
will only play on a RBTV (Really Big TeleVision). This new equipment
should be a real bargain. Both player and TV are listing for $12,000
each. "Affordability for all" is the BVD camps slogan.

The first software available will be from Imaging Incorporated. The
titles will include such collectibles as "Stuff Stephie Down the Sink"
and a director's cut of "Rabid Granola Bars". More exciting titles will
be issued at the rate of one every other month.

Many retailers are excited about the RBVD because of the possible
"tie-ins" with local pizzerias. Imagine, buying or renting your new
movie and having a pizza (of your choice!) served right on top. Another
really impressive feature of the RBVD is that they are microwave able.

The surround encoding for the BVD/RBVD's is in thrilling Mon-O'-Round
from Doppey Labs. Utilizing the latest technology, M.O.R., promises to
rival the finest AM transistor radio sound! The only drawback with
M.O.R. is that you will need a separate 8-track player. Just as DTS has
a separate CD-Rom unit, M.O.R. technology utilizes all 8-tracks on tape
to reproduce exquisite surround. Through an extensive recycling program,
Munzh electronics has restored thousands of old 8-track decks to
accommodate the new M.O.R. technology. This new division of Munzh,
M.O.R.onics, has been chosen to bring this ancient technology back to
life. M.O.R.onics is working day and night to meet the proposed deadline
of September, 2001.

Meanwhile, The big studios claim they should have about a 20 titles
available within three years after BVD and RBVD becomes available.

Should you stop buying laserdiscs? Absolutely! Why buy todays proven
technology when you can wait a few years to get the newest questionable

What about your current collection of laserdiscs? Sell them to us. All
of them. In return, we will pre-sell you the all new Combi 101
BVD/RBVD/8-track and the Super M.O.R. decoder system. These new units
will be made available very, very soon (at least we think, within our

You will only find this cutting-edge technology at EAV. Come in today
for a full demonstration. We don't have it yet, but we will be more than
happy to help you envision the excitement you soon will experience!