Re: Request for title information

Dennis Welker (
Wed, 20 Aug 1997 08:19:39 -0600 (MDT)

Certainly two of my favorites on customer service are THE GUEST and
THE DIFFICULT GUEST. We purchased them through Resource Network
800-296-5750. I am not sure of the price, but expect $600-800 each
since they are business videos being sold to businesses mainly, and
education incidentily.

Dennis L. Welker
Brigham Young University
Media Services

> Howdy Videolibers,
> I have a patron who is interested in buying videos pertaining to the
> following subjects: Customer Service Skills, telephone skills and
> ettiquitte within a telephone sales environment. I have looked in the
> Video Source Book and Bowker's Video Directory as well as the NF&VM past
> catalogs and have I.D.ed some potential titles/vendors but I would like
> your "favorite" titles on these subjects as I have been out of the video
> business for about 3 years. Please provide any titles that have
> circulated well or been well-reviewed recently in your libraries - also
> provide price, vendor and address. Thanks a bundle for your help. Jim
> Scholtz, Yankton Community Library. -- Say is the vendor, The Telephone
> Doctor still in existance?