Re: Question Concerning the Privacy Act

Jim Scholtz (
Mon, 18 Aug 1997 14:38:28 -0600 (MDT)

Hi Jennifer, I understand your concern - I oversaw the teacher reserve
collectin in 2 college libraries and constantly had concerns over
copyright and privacy issues. In this case however, I think you might be
overly concerned. Perhaps, the instructor does not want to take up
valuable class time in viewing the entire program and wishes only to
verify that all the students have viewed the program - perhaps even a
portion of the grade is attached to its viewing. As a past college
teacher and a librarian, I would not feel that it is an out-of-the
ordinary request to track use of the reserve collection by student name.
If however the prof.'s request does not meet with your current procedures
of circulating reserve material and/or would be a burden on the reserve
collection staff to manually keep track of, I would suggest to that prof.
that he pass around a sign-up sheet in class for all the students to
sign-off on who have viewed the program. I don't view this request as an
invasion of privacy because the act of viewing is a course requirement,
not enrichment or ancillary. Just my opinion. Jim Scholtz.

On Fri, 15 Aug 1997, JVILLANY wrote:

> A professor has requested that a sign in sheet be placed on reserve in conjunction with a
> video that he requires of students to screen. I did not comply to this request because I felt
> it was a violation of student's privacy--we used to have sign in cards with every video but these
> were destroyed some time ago. Some people feel that this is a harsh practice and the professor
> has a right to know....I personally feel that if it so crucial for the class to see the video
> then the professor should show the video in class. I would appreciate any feedback/past
> experiences regarding this matter, if you have any.
> you can email me directly, if you like
> Thank you
> Jennifer Villany
> Ithaca College