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Thu, 14 Aug 1997 09:29:26 -0600

I can respond to this from the point of view of the U of Montana. We have
always circulated all of our materials to both faculty and students.
However, when the whole issue of home use only videos came up, we made the
decision that as long as we were checking out the item, there was an
assumption the student was taking it home to view. In fact there may be
times when the student actually views it in one of the carrels because he
or she doesn't have a VCR but we felt the intent was the same. We do not
feel we are in the position to police where the video is shown once it is
checked out. We too would consider it within the spirit of the law to
allow students to view a video they missed in class in our carrels.

06:54 AM 8/14/97 -0700, you wrote:
>RE: Gary's broader interpretation of face-to-face teaching stipulations
>I would like to raise a sensitive issue that I have noticed occurs at
>nearly every library media department that has in-house viewing carrels.
>Most of us work in libraries that have feature films (probably primarily
>supplied by Facets or Movies Unlimited).
>Now let's say a professor requests Pulp Fiction for a class use. Then
>the library buys a "home use" copy from Facets. It would seem to be in
>the spirit of fair-use to allow students to watch the film on their own
>if they missed the class or for later review. But what about the next
>semester, when Pulp Fiction is no longer being taught? If the library
>does not allow students to check tapes out of the building Pulp Fiction
>should not be circulated for any in-house use, correct? Is everybody
>abiding by this? I know this part of the law is being interpreted pretty
>loosely but it's an issue that no one ever brings up on videolib
>(perhaps because no one wants to incriminate him/herself). It has made
>it necessary for us to begin planning to circulate feature films to
>students for "home use".
>Does anyone know how lawmakers arrived at the distinction between an
>individual watching a videotape at home and watching one at an
>individual workstation?
>Chris Lewis
>American U
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