Re: Copyright issue: short video excerpts

Jim Scholtz (
Wed, 13 Aug 1997 11:19:20 -0600 (MDT)

Hi Jeff, Here's my opinion from reading the new guidelines as well as the
copyright law and the off-air taping guidelines (old) and assimilating all
of them together. The transfer of short scenes onto one videotape for
class showing within a consecutive 10day period would be okay. Multiple
copies of the same tape on reserve for how long? If it were within a
short time period and it could be assured that those copies would then be
erased, it would probably be ok - strictly following the erase guidelines,
but for any longer period of time, both the issue of multiple copies (of
the same tape) and the time duration come into play (both no, nos
according to the law). This seems to me to be a sticking point because
this compilation of short takes probably is not available on the market
and would not "monetarily damage" the companies producing/distributing the
films. Actually, the safest way to cover all the bases is to identify all
the producers/distributors of the films the professor wants on the tape
and send them all a form letter informing them of your intent and asking
their written affirmation for the project. (a further problem of this
copying is that you are doing it from one format to another and that
distributor may not have the videocassette rights). But, from my
experience, the Prof. probably wanted this done yesterday, and there isn't
time to jump through hoops - right?! JCS.

On Wed, 13 Aug 1997, Jeff Pearson wrote:

> A film instructor here would like to transfer short scenes from films onto
> videotape and put it on reserve so students can do close analysis of those
> particular scenes. She would like to have multiple copies of this scene-study
> videotape on reserve. I know that the recent Multimedia Guidelines allows the
> copying of limited footage for multimedia projects. Might the same guidelines
> apply for reserve use in the library?
> Thanks in advance for your opinions and advice,
> - Jeffrey Pearson
> Wayne State University Libraries, Detroit