Re: Bookdrop return of videos

Jim Scholtz (
Tue, 12 Aug 1997 12:05:52 -0600 (MDT)

Hi Kathy, I'm here in Yankton, SD, where the winters are cold and the
wind blows and blows the snow around and the summers are hot and muggy.
We have an outside book drop and last year, we started to let people drop
videos in the drop box. We use clear, full-sleeve, video cases, with 4
pressure lock tabs, purchased from Video Store Services out of Morrton
Grove, IL. They seem to work very well and have only had 1-2 damaged
because the case accidentally opened. Both of those resulted in damage
only to the case and could be easily repaired. Our book drop is not
insulated and does suffer from extremes of heat and cold. Our video cases
do become brittle and break occassionaly, but the videos have not seemed
to suffer at all - no dropout or magnetic problems. We do empty the
bookdrop 3 times per day and make special efforts to empty it over long
weekends or holidays - but we would do the same with books. The drop box
does occassionaly get water blown in through the seems/drop door as well
as snow, but we've had good luck and are continuing the practice. We do
not charge the patron for any damage incurred in dropping the item in the
box (if that damage can be determined to have happened in the box). Jim

On Mon, 11 Aug 1997, White, Kathy wrote:

> Greetings! O wise videofolk:
> I'd like your help with a puzzling issue: Are videos harmed
> when returned into a bookdrop?
> We're trying to decide how best to serve the convenience of our public
> library customers vs the risk of damage to the AV material. Some of our
> branch libraries have free-standing bookdrop bins, so the bin contents get
> hot in the (75-90 degree) summer and freeze in the (zero and below) winter.
> Some have slots that drop the items (books, magazines, audio- and
> videotapes) directly into a box within the library.
> What is your experience with videos being returned to a drop? Or,
> can you direct me to information on the subject? Thanks for your
> help.
> Kathy White
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