Bookdrop return of videos

White, Kathy (
Mon, 11 Aug 1997 23:50:03 -0500

Greetings! O wise videofolk:

I'd like your help with a puzzling issue: Are videos harmed
when returned into a bookdrop?

We're trying to decide how best to serve the convenience of our public
library customers vs the risk of damage to the AV material. Some of our
branch libraries have free-standing bookdrop bins, so the bin contents get
hot in the (75-90 degree) summer and freeze in the (zero and below) winter.
Some have slots that drop the items (books, magazines, audio- and
videotapes) directly into a box within the library.

What is your experience with videos being returned to a drop? Or,
can you direct me to information on the subject? Thanks for your

Kathy White
Door County Library
107 S 4th Ave
Sturgeon Bay, WI 54235