Re: Survey: AV circ desks in public libraries?

Brent Peter Ferguson (
Mon, 11 Aug 1997 21:20:12 -0500 (EST)


Our library just underwent an expansion project into an adjacent
building, and AV was one of the departments that expanded into this
new space. We do not have a new circulation desk set up at
this time and are only using tables. I have worked behind many
big circ desks before and there does not seem to be any
major problems from just using tables.

We have a staff of four and a part time clerk and page.
Two of the four full time staff have MLS's with the other two
full timers being just clerks. Our library is open for 69
hours a week and the staffing seems just about right for the
level of circulation we have

Security has been a problem but we have taken some measures that
have curbed the problem. The CD jewel cases are placed on display minuses
the CD's. Our theft rate dropped from around 20% to less then 1% when
the cd's were placed behind the desk. This figure does not include the
CD's which are checked out and never returned. For the cassettes we
place them in plastic security cases similar to what is used in retail
music stores. They do not work if used with security gates. Security
gates are effective for setting off videos that have the security strips.

Brent Ferguson