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Kris Brancolini:

Here are four titles you may want to consider for the course on
"Architecture for Planet Earth":

Planet Neighborhood 3x56 mins 1997 Three-part series looks at the latest
in energy saving technology and good design. Hosted by architect and
visionary, Bill McDonough.
"Home" - Retrofitting a drafty older home, new green homes, superwindows,
and community composting.
"Work" - Looks at the "sick building" syndrome and the design of new office
buildings; a chemical plant that uses an artificial wetland for waste
treatment; and student-built electric cars and auto-recycling.
"Community" - Minneapolis, Sacramento, Burlington and Chattanooga are among
the cities experimenting with new technologies to solve environmental problems.

Community by Design (Ways We Live Series) 27 mins 1997 Design at the
neighborhood level plays a major role in community development or

Energy Bank 38 mins 1993 Concentrates on models for efficency in electric
consumption. Successful residential, commercial, and industrial projects
are profiled.

Rammed Earth Construction 29 mins 1987 Rammed earth is a construction
method using clay and timber that saves energy and produces beautiful
structures. The film shows magnificent examples in Germany, France, and

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