RE: Videos on Environmentally Sensitve Architecture

HIRSCH Bonnie C (
Wed, 6 Aug 1997 08:40:00 -0700

We have three videos about building from straw bales:

How to build your elegant home with straw bales (date not available at
the moment, 90 min, $71.00)
Straw bale construction: the elegant solution (1992, 30 min, $30)
These two are available from sustainable Systems, Bisbee, Arizona

The Last straw: follow the construction of a straw building from the
ground up (1997, 2-1/2 hours in 5 half-hour segments)
This is a local (Eugene, Oregon) production available from Frank
Arundel, e-mail The phone book lists him at 85269 Lorane
Highway, Eugene, OR 97405. Our copy is a gift, so I don't have price

Bonnie Hirsch

| From: Kristine R. Brancolini
| To: Multiple recipients of list
| Subject: Videos on Environmentally Sensitve Architecture
| Date: Tuesday, August 05, 1997 9:14AM
| A professor in Art History is doing a course called "Architecture for
| Planet Earth," which deals with architecture that is environmentally
| sensitive. She has marked a number of videos in the Insight Media
| and the Films for the Humanities catalog. None is newer than 1992 and
| would like some more current titles. Any suggestions? She is
| interested in experimental or avant-garde architects and examples of
| work. Just so you get the idea, here are some of the titles she
| Dwelling in the Future (1988)
| 20/20 Vision: Managing for a Livable Urban Habitat (1992)
| Figure in a Landscape (1987)
| Environmental Architecture (1992)
| Thanks!
| Kristine Brancolini
| Indiana University Libraries