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Insight Media has added a number of more recent titles on environmental
architecture to our Architecture brochure, which will be mailed in a few

_At Home With Mother Earth_ , hosted by Eartha Kitt, celebrates the
tradition of "earth architecture," chronicling the struggle of pioneers in
this field and examining the innovative, ecologically sound designs they
created. It shows examples of earth architecture in Egypt, France, Iran,
and New Mexico.
40 min / 1994 / #5S691 - $139

_Sustainable Architecture_ presents a holistic view of the building and
design process, exploring the concept of sustainability as it relates to
buildings and their surrounding green spaces, infrastructures, and
communities, It includes sections on planning and design; embodied energy
and resource use in buildings; heating, cooling, and ventilation; lighting;
and infrastructures.
38 min / 1994 / #5S697 - $139

_The Rammed Earth Renaissance_ explores the technique of using compacted
dirt in construction. Hosted by David Easton, an authority on this method,
it traces the history of rammed earth's use, explains rammed earth's
advantages, and demonstrates how a rammed earth structure is built.
31 min / 1996 / #5S756 - $139

_Rammed Earth Basics_ outlines the fundamentals of this age-old building
method that is now experiencing a major revival. David Easton explains
rammed earth construction methods.
49 min / 1996 / #5S813 - $139

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>A professor in Art History is doing a course called "Architecture for
>Planet Earth," which deals with architecture that is environmentally
>sensitive. She has marked a number of videos in the Insight Media catalog
>and the Films for the Humanities catalog. None is newer than 1992 and she
>would like some more current titles. Any suggestions? She is especially
>interested in experimental or avant-garde architects and examples of their
>work. Just so you get the idea, here are some of the titles she marked:
>Dwelling in the Future (1988)
>20/20 Vision: Managing for a Livable Urban Habitat (1992)
>Figure in a Landscape (1987)
>Environmental Architecture (1992)
>Kristine Brancolini
>Indiana University Libraries