Communications Headlines -- week of 5 August (I)

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Title: Budget bill brings broadcasters benefits
Source: Broadcasting&Cable <>(p.14)
Author: Paige Albiniak
Issue: Budget Issues
Description: Broadcasters had extra reason to cheer last week's budget
agreement. Buried in the massive bill are provisions that "will help secure
broadcasters' analog and digital future in television." The return of analog
channels will be delayed until 85% of a station's viewers can receive its
digital service either off the air or through satellite or cable TV. The
bill also relaxes ownership restrictions so that a station in a large market
may keep its digital channel and bid for one of the returned analog channels
in the same market. "i would have wanted to see a more reasonable standard
where it was more likely than not that the spectrum would be given back,"
said Media Access Project's Gigi Sohn. "The notion that this protects the
consumer is a lot of bunk." [For more information see
<> or

Title: Fast Times at Wired Hit a Speed Bump
Source: New York Times
Author: Amy Harmon
Issue: Magazines
Description: The mainstream media have adopted many of the "ideas about the
emerging technosociety that Wired was first to herald." Now the magazine
must make the leap from "culture to commerce" and decide if they the same
people who got it started are right for the transition. "The people who are
brilliant at starting these things are not necessarily the people who should
take it into the stage of growth that Wired is at," said MIT's Nicholas

Title: Library Manager LSSI Adds a Calif. System to Its Collection
Source: Washington Post (WashBusiness p.10)
Author: Richard Drezen
Issue: Libraries
Description: Library Systems and Services (LSSI) of Germantown, Maryland now
runs the Riverside, California public library system. LSSI's COO said,
"We're a company of librarians and we've served the library community for
more than 16 years. We're going to use existing staff and our people,
experience and resources to make Riverside County Free Library System a
showplace for public/private partnerships." LSSI streamlines administrative
procedures so libraries can serve their communities will longer hours of
basic service. Eleanor Jo Rodger, president of the Urban Libraries Council,
stresses that "outsourcing is not about libraries. Its about local
governments trying to contain costs." [For more on libraries see
<> and

Title: Censoring Free Speech
Source: Wall Street Journal <>(A18)
Author: WSJ Editorial Staff
Issue: Free Speech vs Campaign Reform
Description: "What we have is two important values in direct conflict:
freedom of speech and our desire for healthy campaigns in a healthy
democracy. You can't have both," says Rep. Richard Gephardt (D-MO) who has
proposed a constitutional amendment to restrict some political speech. But
others -- especially the state of Wisconsin -- are already trying to enforce
laws that limit political ads. "It's been over 20 years since Buckley v.
Valeo, and it's time those who want to limit political speech in the pursuit
of some higher value get another lesson from the high court." [For more on
campaign reform see <>]

Title: "Arts Education" Colors Debate
Source: Washington Post (B1)
Author: Jacqueline Trescott
Issue: Arts
Description: National Endowment of the Arts proponents and opponents alike
are clinging to the idea of arts education as a reason to retain or kill the
Endowment. NEA Chairman Jane Alexander has emphasized the endowment's
mission to educate American about arts. Rep. Vernon Ehlers (R-MI) has
proposed block grants to the states to do arts education. "I think it sends
a mixed message. We will support arts for students, but some of our leaders
are saying we don't value it outside of the school setting. That doesn't
make sense," said a director of a kids art education program. [For more on
the arts see Open Studio at <>]

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