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My 1996 feature-length Academy-Award-nominated documentary Tell the Truth and
Run: George Seldes and the American Press has a section on the tobacco
industry and its history of using advertising and public relations, from
World War I to the present, to develop and maintain a nation of
cigarette-smokers. Also on how the mainstream press aided and abetted the
tobacco industry in those efforts. Seldes was the first American journalist
to focus (beginning in 1938) on the medical reports that linked
cigarette-smoking with heart and lung disease.

For purchase or rental, contact New Day Films,
22-D Hollywood Ave. #EM1, Ho-Ho-Kus, NJ 07423,
tel 201-652-6590, fax 201-652-1973,

I've included complete info on the film below your original message.

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I'm in search of any videos that deal with the history of tobacco
advertising and its aspects on how it attracts new smokers. Any
suggestions would be appreciated along with distributor information if
available. Thanks.

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Colgate University
Hamilton, NY 13346

AMERICAN PRESS, the dramatic story of muckraking
journalist George Seldes, is a piercing examination of American

Eighty years a newspaperman, Seldes was a noted foreign
correspondent who became America's most important press critic.
Through Seldes's encounters with Pershing, Lenin and Mussolini;
the tobacco industry, J. Edgar Hoover and the "lords of the press,"
TELL THE TRUTH AND RUN provides a fresh perspective on
Twentieth-Century history while raising profound ethical,
professional and political questions about journalism in America.

Seldes at age 98 is the centerpiece of the film: remarkably
engaging, witty and still impassioned about his ideas and ideals.
Ralph Nader, Victor Navasky, Ben Bagdikian, Daniel Ellsberg, Nat
Hentoff and Jeff Cohen, among others, provide incisive
commentary. Stunning archival footage and over 500 headlines,
photographs and articles provide a rich historical backdrop.

TELL THE TRUTH AND RUN raises fundamental questions
about the recorded history of the Twentieth Century; about
freedom, fairness and diversity in the media; about power and
abuse of power; and about public citizenship and the democratic

Narrated by Academy-Award-winner Susan Sarandon.
Seldes's written words read by Edward Asner.

TELL THE TRUTH AND RUN is an ideal film for students. It is
divided into chapters of 6-10 minutes each, and each chapter
addresses one or more themes that will stimulate thought and
discussion. Subject matter and themes include:

* World War I and the role of the war correspondent
* America's press and the rise of European fascism
* The growth of media monopoly
* Advertising and the news
* "The most sacred cow of the press is the press itself."
* McCarthyism and the price of dissent
* Choosing the news

Recommended Subject Areas:
* Journalism
* Mass Communications
* Media and Society
* 20th-Century World History
* 20th-Century American History
* American Studies
* Documentary Film Studies
* Civil Liberties
* Human Rights
* Political Science
* Sociology

"This absorbing film brings to life not only an exceptional
journalist, but the saga of journalism in America. It is buttressed
by meticulous editorial research and film research."
-- Daniel Schorr, Senior News Analyst, NPR

"George Seldes was determined, in the best American tradition, to
shake up the establishment, and Tell the Truth and Run draws a
strong and endearing portrait of this stormy petrel of American
-- Arthur Schlesinger, Jr., Historian

"There is no better beginning or end point for media ethics than the
life and times of George Seldes, which are beautifully captured and
analyzed in Tell the Truth and Run."
-- Everette Dennis, The Freedom Forum

"A magnetic, entrancing, inspiring film... reveals a history of our
times unknown to most Americans. At the same time delightful to
watch and a powerful educational experience. I wish every young
person in America could see it."
-- Howard Zinn, Historian, Boston University

"A fine choice for public library collections but especially
appropriate for political science and journalism classes."
-- Booklist, 11/15/96

"This is an inspiring and entertaining look at an unjustly neglected
personality. Highly recommended."
-- Video Librarian, November/December, 1996

ACADEMY AWARD NOMINEE, Best Documentary Feature
JOHN O'CONNOR FILM AWARD, American Historical
BEST OF FESTIVAL, Northwest Documentary Film Festival
GOLDEN SPIRE, San Francisco International Film Festival
GOLD APPLE, National Educational Media Network
Human Rights Watch International Film Festival
Denver International Film Festival
San Francisco Jewish Film Festival
Vancouver International Film Festival

Produced and directed by Rick Goldsmith
Running time: 111 minutes