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Gary Huggins (
Thu, 31 Jul 1997 09:04:14 -0500


So were the episodes of THE AVENGERS recently available through Facets
(and now out of print) legit or bootlegs?

Gary Huggins

> There was a big blowup over supposed illegal copies being issued by
> American distributors. UGC a French company, I believe, did not wish
> to release any Avengers videos until the illegal copies were "cleaned
> up." In any case, take a look at the Web site:
> I did notice some episodes being released by Facets in their latest
> catalog.
> Below is just a short excerpt from the Web site:
> With the recent takeover of Lumiere by UGC, it seems unlikely that
> Lumiere videos of The Avengers will be released anytime soon. Prior to
> the buy out, Lumiere was refusing to sell Avengers videos in the North
> America because of the presence of a number of unauthorized
> sets of videotapes produced by various American companies. Lumiere was
> involved in legal challenges to attempt to "clear" the market of these
> videos, and refused to sell their own tapes until this was completed.
> Unfortunately, Lumiere itself was sold before this happened. Before
> the sale of Lumiere, I received the following letter from a lawyer
> representing them, outlining their position on videos of The Avengers
> and their copyright position:
> From Michael M. Ratoza, Attorney At Law Sep 29,
> 1995(
> Sir: I note with interest your internet page on The Avengers. I
> represent Lumiere Pictures Limited in the U.S. regarding the
> copyrights in this series. Lumiere has owned the exclusive copyrights
> to The Avengers for the past several years and has faced considerable
> difficulty from the substantial number of counterfeit video tape
> copies of this series circulating in the U.S. As a result of this
> counterfeiting problem, Lumiere has not released any legitimate copies
> of The Avengers tapes in the U.S. In fact, there are NO legitimate
> copies of The Avengers video tapes authorized for release or
> distribution in the U.S. Lumiere has released legitimate copies of The
> Avengers in Europe, which has proven to be highly popular. Lumiere
> hopes to
> release legitimate copies of The Avengers in North America in the near
> future.
> Unfortunately, however, the presence of so many counterfeit tapes
> has contributed to this delay.
> Sharon Almquist
> Media Library
> University of North Texas