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gilson@AXP.WINNEFOX.ORG wrote:
> Some time ago one of the libraries in our system received a letter from
> an attorney in Portland OR stating more or less that the library
> possessed illegal copies of titles in the Avengers series. Did this
> happen to any other library? What did you do? Thanks.
> Sally
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Some years ago and for quite a while, individual tapes of The Avengers
series were available on the Video Dimensions label. These were then
pulled out of distribution and remained so for 2-3 years. A year ago,
Bridgestone Productions, a California video company which does not
normally deal in public domain materials, issued a very nicely produced
3-tape boxed set of The Avengers which, however, was pulled off the
market very shortly after its release was announced.

Undoubtedly the coming remake feature film of The Avengers will be
another excuse for delaying the authorized release even if the French
should ever feel secure that their mine sweep for stray Avengers
copies has left no stone unturned.

Milos Stehlik
Facets Video