The Avengers -Reply

Sharon Almquist (
Wed, 30 Jul 1997 16:13:54 -0500

There was a big blowup over supposed illegal copies being issued by
American distributors. UGC a French company, I believe, did not wish
to release any Avengers videos until the illegal copies were "cleaned
up." In any case, take a look at the Web site:

I did notice some episodes being released by Facets in their latest

Below is just a short excerpt from the Web site:

With the recent takeover of Lumiere by UGC, it seems unlikely that
Lumiere videos of The Avengers will be released anytime soon. Prior to
the buy out, Lumiere was refusing to sell Avengers videos in the North
America because of the presence of a number of unauthorized
sets of videotapes produced by various American companies. Lumiere was
involved in legal challenges to attempt to "clear" the market of these
videos, and refused to sell their own tapes until this was completed.
Unfortunately, Lumiere itself was sold before this happened. Before
the sale of Lumiere, I received the following letter from a lawyer
representing them, outlining their position on videos of The Avengers
and their copyright position:
From Michael M. Ratoza, Attorney At Law Sep 29,

Sir: I note with interest your internet page on The Avengers. I
represent Lumiere Pictures Limited in the U.S. regarding the
copyrights in this series. Lumiere has owned the exclusive copyrights
to The Avengers for the past several years and has faced considerable
difficulty from the substantial number of counterfeit video tape
copies of this series circulating in the U.S. As a result of this
counterfeiting problem, Lumiere has not released any legitimate copies
of The Avengers tapes in the U.S. In fact, there are NO legitimate
copies of The Avengers video tapes authorized for release or
distribution in the U.S. Lumiere has released legitimate copies of The
Avengers in Europe, which has proven to be highly popular. Lumiere
hopes to
release legitimate copies of The Avengers in North America in the near
Unfortunately, however, the presence of so many counterfeit tapes
has contributed to this delay.

Sharon Almquist
Media Library
University of North Texas