FW: CFP: SCS topic: "Media on the Border" (fwd)

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From: Gayle Williams
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Subject: CFP: SCS topic: "Media on the Border" (fwd)
Date: Monday, July 28, 1997 9:56AM

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Subject: CFP: SCS topic: "Media on the Border"

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>Subject: CFP: SCS topic: "Media on the Border"
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>From: Robert Kolker <rk27@umail.umd.edu>
>The Society for Cinema Studies invites proposals for the
>1998 conference (April 4-7, 1998, in San Diego) on the
>special topic of "Media on the Border." How have changing
>border relations in the Americas, Asia/Pacific Rim, Africa,
>and Europe affected the forms of media being produced and
>the ways media are distributed? What role are the media
>playing in the emerging discourses around immigration,
>nationalism and border relations?
>The conference would showcase media on Latin American and
>the U.S.-Mexican border, but would also involve questions
>such as the impact of the EC on the national cinemas of
>Europe, the impact of new media flows such as Star TV on
>Asia, and comparisons of the representation of globalism,
>nationalisms and border/immigration issues across media.
>The second meaning of the conference theme would be the
>ways that the traditional borders between cinema,
>television, video, and digital technologies such as the
>Internet and CD-ROMs are transforming media studies.
>Proposals on other film and media-related issues are also welcome.
>Full information on SCS and the conference, a listing of
>preconstituted panels seeking papers on a wide variety of
>subjects, and a proposal submission form are available on
>our web site: www.cinemastudies.org.
>(To participate in the conference, you must be a member of SCS)
>Robert Kolker
>Department of English
>University of Maryland, College Park 20742
>rk27@umail.umd.edu or Robert_P_Kolker@umail.umd.edu
Nancy L. Hallock
Senior Cataloger and Team Leader
Spanish/Portuguese/Latin American Team
Widener 191
Harvard University
Cambridge, MA 02138

617 496-4014
617 495-0403 (fax)
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>Subject: CFP: SCS topic: "Media on the Border" (fwd)
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