Good subject headings

Marilyn B. Huntley (
Mon, 28 Jul 1997 08:52:08 -0400

Yes! Thank you, Steve.

I'd like to second your suggestion that we all label our video-search
messages to make them more identifiable. We can easily make our subject
lines more useful to each other by including the title or, in case you're
looking for something with an unknown title, at least a word or two that
hints at the subject matter.

I always do this on my own searches, so I can tell which incoming
message(s) will be the answer to my prayers. Besides, in my e-mail file I
save my outgoing queries followed by any and all replies, and it's easy to
pick them out later from my "video searches" mailbox if the subject lines
can be matched up at a glance.

Also, I often like to follow the threads on others' video searches, and
it's much easier to know which answer connects with which earlier request
if the video title is right in the subject line.

Just my 2 cents (I've always wanted a chance to use this phrase on the list!)


>Just a note. I monitor VIDEOLIB by subject heading. I often ignore
>messages that say only "video search" in the subject heading. It was
>only by accident I caught the request for this film. As a distributor
>we often know where obscure films can be found and we are happy to pass
>this information on but we don't read every message in detail. I would
>suggest honoring a format in the future where a video search is done by
>"video search: TITLE" in the subject line. Thanks for listening.
>Steve Guy
>for California Newsreel

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