Re: Zu Warriors from the Magic Mountain & Once Upon a Time In China

Gary Huggins (
Fri, 25 Jul 1997 12:08:32 -0500


Rhonda -

TaiSeng Video ( carries ONCE UPON A TIME IN CHINA III &
V for 39.95 each. Rainbow Audio & Video does carry ZU, but it's a terrible
full screen, dead-center transfer of a widescreen film that crops
the subtitles as well. I've heard that Tai Seng is preparing a properly
letterboxed version of the film with new readable subtitles, but don't
know the release date.

Most Tai Seng titles are available through Facets and big ditributors like
Ingrams and Baker & Taylor.

Hope that helps -

Gary Huggins

> One of our history professors has asked me to locate these particular
> films
> for a course he is teaching on China & Heroes and Villians in China &
> Japan. OCLC
> Worldcat has Zu Warriors from the Magic Mountain distributed by Rainbow
> Audio & Video, Inc. and Once Upon a Time in China 1-5 from Samurai
> Video or
> Worldwide Video Productions. It doesn't say where there are so does
> anybody know where these places and/or films are or if they still exist?
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