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Wed, 23 Jul 1997 15:47 -0600

How about The Last Days of Pompei, Joe vs. the Volcano, or that Bogart film
set on a Pacific island (Darkness at Noon?). Also, I remember some grade B
volcano movie from the 50's in which a young maiden in sarong is supposed to
jump into or be thrown into a volcano . . . Then there's Under the Volcano.
Wasn't there a Samson and Delilah movie--Victor Mature, Susan Hayward--with
earthquake. And wasn't there a really old movie about the San Francisco

For sandstorms, you could do the sandstorm in The English Patient.

For weird weather, especially rain, there's a pretty bad Italian movie
(early Candace Bergen) called The End of the World in a Nightful of Rain in
Our Usual Bed and a really good Australian one (early Peter Wier) called The
Last Wave. And there are a ton of typhoon and hurricane movies. Probably
lots of flood movies.

Glaciers and mountains? Dust storms? Don't get me started.

Susan Shaw
Acquistions Librarian

From: Rhonda Pancoe
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Subject: RE: Geology subject films
Date: Wednesday, July 23, 1997 9:28AM

> One of our Geology professors here is looking for feature length films
> that he can use to show to his class that have geology based themes
> like
> the recent Dante's Peak seen in theaters this past year so students
> can do
> comparisons of fact from fiction. He really wanted to use Crack in
> the World
> (1965) but Films, Inc.
> no longer has a useable 16 mm print. Does anyone have any suggestions
> other than Journey to the Center of the Earth? Also, does anyone know
> if and when Dante's Peak will be released in video?
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