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Jim Scholtz (
Tue, 22 Jul 1997 12:23:38 -0600 (MDT)

Hi Rhonda, Yes, I've run into the same problem and I've tried several
different solutions depending upon the specific title, its availability
elsewhere and the price. I'm trying to get our city finance to issue a
credit card in the name of the Public Library director to be used
specifically for situations like this (e.g. Where There's a Will There's
an A, Hooked on Phonics, etc.). In the past, we have gotten the exact
price, plus S/H and had a check cut specifically to that company rather
than a P.O., receive product and then pay from an invoice. In other
situations when it is not economically or time feasible to wait the 10
days or so needed for cutting a special check, I have ordered the item on
my personal crdit card and used the invoice as a bill to request
reimbursement from the city. While this method has worked well in may
small (13,000 pop.) town, I believe that in a larger institution one might
get in trouble for purchasing items this way. This year, I've purchased
about 20 items that way. I have also been successful in negotiating with
several companies for P.O. payment (not there normal method of payment) if
I would buy more than one copy as long as I pointed out that this would
mean "no sale" as opposed to a significant sale. Upon occassion, I have
also gone to another distributor who sells the same product and purchased
it from them even though the item might cost more. These different ways
of purchasing seem like a real hassle and not straight-forward, but they
seem to work in my situation. Once this credit card issue is passed, it
will be much easier - we just won't mis-use it. Hope this helps. JCS

On Mon, 21 Jul 1997, Rhonda Rosen wrote:

> hi -
> how do you guys deal with places like Videofinders who don't accept
> purchase orders? so many of the home video distributors also just want
> a check or credit card and nothing else....we don't have checks or credit
> cards...
> what's a gal to do?
> rhonda
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