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Oksana Dykyj (
Mon, 21 Jul 1997 15:55:06 +0000 (HELP)


Have you contacted the Program for Art on Film in New York? (212-988-4876)
They run the Art on Film Database and have information on over 18,000
international film and video productions on the visual arts. I believe they
will charge you for a search if you are not a subscriber...

Alternately, you might have some luck with the French Embassy or Consulate.
We have successfully dealt with them here in Canada for such Resnais
documentaries as _Toute la memoire du monde_ and _Chant du styrene_ but the
films had to be brought in from France which may not work with your time


>Here's yet another title I'm trying to find for our college art gallery to
>show in their film festival. They have requested "Guernica," and it is to
>be advertised for a public showing. I have found several films called
>"Guernica" or with Guernica as the first word of the title, but the one
>that appears to match the request doesn't give a distributor's name.
>On IMDb, it says France 1950, black & white, runtime 13 min., directed by
>Alain Resnais; this is the correct film. When the Lincoln Center included
>this title in a film series this spring, their advertising said "Resnais
>employs the [Picasso] painting ["Guernica"] and Maria Casares's narration
>of a passionately poetical text by Paul Eluard to create what's been called
>'a hymn to innocence and peace.' "
>I thought at first I might have found the film in the Museum of Modern Art
>catalog, but then I realized it can't be right. Several details don't
>match: 1949, 8 minutes, U.S.A., by Robert Flaherty and David Flaherty, and
>it's SILENT.
>Does anyone know where the Resnais film "Guernica" is available for rent?
>Many thanks to anyone who can give me info.
>Marilyn Huntley
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