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Marilyn B. Huntley (
Mon, 21 Jul 1997 15:05:17 -0400

Here's yet another title I'm trying to find for our college art gallery to
show in their film festival. They have requested "Guernica," and it is to
be advertised for a public showing. I have found several films called
"Guernica" or with Guernica as the first word of the title, but the one
that appears to match the request doesn't give a distributor's name.

On IMDb, it says France 1950, black & white, runtime 13 min., directed by
Alain Resnais; this is the correct film. When the Lincoln Center included
this title in a film series this spring, their advertising said "Resnais
employs the [Picasso] painting ["Guernica"] and Maria Casares's narration
of a passionately poetical text by Paul Eluard to create what's been called
'a hymn to innocence and peace.' "

I thought at first I might have found the film in the Museum of Modern Art
catalog, but then I realized it can't be right. Several details don't
match: 1949, 8 minutes, U.S.A., by Robert Flaherty and David Flaherty, and
it's SILENT.

Does anyone know where the Resnais film "Guernica" is available for rent?

Many thanks to anyone who can give me info.

Marilyn Huntley

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