video cassette security

Tue, 15 Jul 97 13:12:31 EDT

I know this was discussed somewhat recently, so please forgive me for not
remembering and bringing it up again. Also, please forgive the cross-posting.

We are converting our video collection from closed to open stacks. We will be
applying tattle-tape to the videos for the 3M security system. Is there a best
place to put the tattle tape on a video cassette shell? I seem to remember
a lister placing it on the inside of the hinged lid, where a patron would be
less likely to go looking for it. Also, 3M sells tattle tape strips
specifically for videotapes. I have found that regular book tattle tape fits
in the cassette shell and works fine at triggering the alarm. Any reason we
should only use the just-for-videos tattle tape?

Also, I would appreciate anything anyone has to offer in terms of handling an
open-stacks video collection, and preventing theft.

Many thanks,

Jeffrey Pearson
Wayne State University Libraries, Detroit