Liz Fries (
Tue, 15 Jul 1997 12:34:39 -0400

Hello All!

Well, since this film has been a great topic of discussion and debate on
other it me or has anyone else noticed the extreme
similarities in plot and character to "Twister"? Not to knock the late Carl
Sagan (for I think I should have probably said the above in reverse, his
book being published in 1985; the film going thru various production
companies, script revisions, directors and producers for many
years)...Although, I agree with recent reviews that this is one of the
better alien films of the summer, as the most esoteric! Entertainment
Weekly's take was perfect in saying that CONTACT is the closest Hollywood
would get, especially with regard to conflicts of science vs. spirituality,
without the use of little green monsters and gratuitous ILM effects. It does
make one think...

I think I'll go to the library and read the book...

>I saw "Contact" last night and thought it was wonderful!!!!!!!!!!!!
>Totally identified with the Jody Foster role. What fun.

Liz Fries
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