THE TIN DRUM & Child Porn

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Thu, 10 Jul 1997 19:15:02 -0400

Dear Gang:
An update on the Oklahoma City situation where the film/video THE TIN DRUM
has been declared child pornongraphy and seized from the local library , 6
video stores and the homes of two people unlucky enough to be renting it at
the time.

The film is still banned in OK city, but there will be a public screening
tonight, friday and saterday in the ajoining county at Cyberhall Cafe in
Norman. The authorities in this county have said that they do not believe
the film falls under the porn statute.

This points out the absurdity in which a film could be banned in one city
yet legal just a few miles away. In general THE TIN DRUM was only a pretext
used by a conservative group, Oklahomians for Children and Families, to
attack the library and have its personal fired. These people need are
support. The screenings in Norman which are free will collect money for the
ALA Freedom to Read Foundation ( more of that anti-"non print Media"
prejudice ) which along with the ACLU is suing in federal court. If you
know anyone in Oklahoma have them voice their support for these people they
need all the help they can get

Jessica Rosner
( famed distributor of Child Porn)

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