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Thu, 10 Jul 97 10:51:01 EDT

22 Griffith shorts have just been released on a new laserdisc, "D.W. Griffith
Years of Discovery", including: Those awful hats; The Sealed room; The Redman's
view; A Corner in wheat; The Unchanging sea; In the border states; His trust;
What shall we do with our old?; For his son; The Sunbeam; A girl and her trust;
The Female of the species; One in business; The Other crime; An unseen enemy;
The Painted lady; The Musketeers of pig alley; The New York hat; The Burglar's
dilemma; The House of darkness; Death's marathon; The Mothering heart; and The
Battle of Elderbrush Gulch. The three platter box set costs $100.

Jeff Pearson
Wayne State University Libraries, Detroit

On Wed, 9 Jul 1997 07:25:54 -0700 Oksana Dykyj said:
>>I am ending my studies in cinema at Bologna University, Italy.
>>My Thesis is about the image of Italian American Mafia in American Cinema.
>>I am looking for the following films of D.W. Griffith: "The cord of life",
>>"In little Italy", "At the altar" and also films such as, "The Black Hand",
>>"Little Italy", made between 1905 and 1930, which are concerned with italian
>>and italian american criminality.
>>I am unable to find these films in Italy and was hoping that you might be
>>able to help me.
>>I would also be very interested in any biographical information that you can
>>supply on books relevant to this argument.
>>I thank you in anticipation.
>> Domenico Ciolfi
>I would recommend that you take a look at:
>Brownlow, Kevin. _Behind the Mask of Innocence - Sex, Violence, Prejudice,
>Crime: Films of Social Conscience in the Silent Era_. New York: Alfred
>A. Knopf, 1990.
>There is a section entitled "The Italians" which discusses such films as
>_The Black Hand_(1906), _The Organ Grinder_(1909),_The Detectives of the
>Italian Bureau_(1909), _The Criminals_(1913), _Poor Little Peppina_(1916),
>_The Padrone's Ward_(1914), _The Alien_(1915), _One More American_ (1918),
>_The Italian_ (1915). The book contains an excellent bibliography with links
>to primary sources.
>A slightly more general book, but valuable nonetheless:
>Rosow, Eugene. _Born to Lose: The Gangster Film in America_. New York:
>Oxford University Press, 1978.
>If you can manage to get to Pordenone in October for Le Giornate del Cinema
>Muto (16th Pordenone Film Festival at the Cinema Verdi 11-18 October), one
>of the features this year is THE GRIFFITH PROJECT. It "marks...Pordenone's
>commitment to showing all the extant films which D.W. Griffith wrote, acted
>in, and directed...It is not merely a retrospective, but one of the largest
>archival restoration projects in the history of film preservation.
>Institutions wordwide are collaborating in creating new copies of films that
>have hitherto existed in nearly unviewable prints, and have remained unseen
>except by a handful of scholars." This year will be the first installment
>and you would have the opportunity to speak with numerous Griffith experts.
>You can get more information from their website:
>One last bit of information of a general nature: Take a look at the Silent
>Film Sources site on the web. It lists silent films commercially available
>in the United States for purchase on video and laserdisc as well as rental
>on 16mm and 35mm.
>Hope this helps,
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