Telecom Headlines -- week of 7 July (installment 3)

Gary Handman (
Wed, 9 Jul 1997 11:09:04 -0700 (PDT)

Title: In Praise of Ira...Sort Of
Source: Wall Street Journal <>(A14)
Author: James Freeman, producer of PBS' "TechnoPolitics"
Issue: Electronic Commerce
Description: Can the Clinton Administration keep its hands off the Internet?
The new report by Ira Magaziner says it will, but the White House has not
supported a bill in Congress that will prohibit any new taxes on the
Internet. The bill does not get much backing from state and local

Title: An Internet Summit
Source: Washington Post <> (A22)
Author: WP Editorial Staff
Issue: Internet Content
Description: It may seem like Clinton is doing political acrobatics by
encouraging other countries to adopt a hands-off policy on Internet
regulation and at the same time calling for better protections for children
in cyberspace. However, in cyberspace this dual position may be the only
one that really makes sense. The White House will call together parents,
child-advocacy groups, industry experts, and anti-porn experts to study how
to make the Internet safer for kids. One of the goals of this gathering is
to pressure industry folks into some voluntary regulation.

Title: TV Ratings Pact Moves Forward
Source: Washington Post <> (C1)
Author: Paul Farhi
Issue: V-Chip Cha-Cha-Cha
Description: A final agreement on the revised television ratings system
is expected to be announced tomorrow. If the TV industry has made a deal
with Congress and parent groups, then the ratings will start October 1.
The TV industry requested a three year period during which time they would
be protected from content legislation. Parent groups were initially not
keen on this, but four Representatives who were active in the initial V-Chip
debate -- Edward Markey (D-MA), Dan Burton (R-IN), James Moran (D-VA), John
Spratt Jr. (D-SC) and Billy Tauzin (R-LA) -- have said they will
back the three year grace period if negotiators can reach a deal. Parent
groups may agree if they can hold on to the right to criticize the industry

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