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Hi folks - This seems beyond our ken. Please respond to Dr. Barber rather
than the list. We've told him to expect mail from videolib subscribers.

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>For a collection of conductors on film I am organizing at Stanford, I am
trying to obtain a video or 16mm print of Jazz Mad, aka 'The Symphony',
described in detail as follows:
>registered 18 November 1928
>b&w silent, 7 reels, 6032 feet
>Producers: Universal / Jewel LP 24918
>In the AFI catalogue of feature films from 1921 - 1930: F2.2792
>It includes some minutes of Alfred Hertz conducting, and thus our
interest. Can you help us locate the work? The Library of Congress has a
copy, and UCLA has a reel, and we've been able to learn nothing further.
Thanks very much,
>Dr Charles Barber, Curator

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