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>I'm having a 'hinterland' experience trying to track down some videos for a
>new course and was hoping your combined wisdom and connectedness might help.
>Dim-Sim directed by Wayne Wang...must be a story...I can't find it anywhere
>Fated To Be Queer...1992 - 25 min. - Phillipines
>>From Hollywood to Hanoi (Thi Thanh Nga)
>Dirty Laundry: A History of Heroes (Richard Fung)
>'Toons at War: Wartime Cartoons
>Thanks for any and all hints.
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>Could "Toons at War: Wartime Cartoons" possibly be "Cartoons go to War"?

"Cartoons go to War" is produced by A&E and available from NEW VIDEO for
$19.95. New Video's phone is 212-206-8600.

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