Re: Race for the Double Helix

Steven Kramer (
Wed, 02 Jul 1997 02:16:48 -0400

At 10:04 AM 7/1/97 -0700, Beth Hansen wrote:
> If memory serves me correctly, someone on the list had kindly notified
>the group that "Race for the Double Helix" had been re-released by BBC. I
>contacted BBC, placed an order, and received the video this morning. The
>puzzle is that the container has the title "Double Helix" but, the tape is
>actually a docu-drama entitled "The Story" originally released by BBC in
>1987 (see OCLC #29621996). I checked with BBC and this seems to be the
>only related title that they are currently releasing concerning DNA. I
>also contacted WGBH-Boston since it was originally aired on NOVA, but they
>were unable to provide any additional information.
You seem to be looking for the documentary that was quoted in The Nobel
Legacy, instead of the movie with Jeff Goldblum. It was the opposite for
most folks asking for that title. Both the doc and the docudrama have
exactly the same name - that's the difficulty. I don't think the doc was
ever put out on tape, but you can get the segment of The Nobel Legacy from
PBS as a substitute - it's the best segment of the series and retells the
Watson & Crick story fairly well.
Steven Kramer