Case of the Ancient Astronauts

ar21 (
Wed, 25 Jun 97 14:55 EDT

Elena Wayne, Educational Market Manager from WGBH Boston Video
( noted that WGBH no longer has rights for this program but
they are looking for older titles in demand to re-issue.

The University of Maryland will pledge to purchase at least one copy of THE
CASE OF THE ANCIENT ASTRONAUTS if WGBH can renew the rights. I have several
professors who regularly ask us to get a new copy. If you have not seen
this, the first 20 minutes presents Erich von Daniken's theories (author of
Chariots of the Gods) with wide-eyed wonder. Then they blow them to atoms by
showing other more logical explanations for his otherwise unexplained
phenomena. This tape should be part of any library's collections.

Who else will pledge to order one or more copies? Let's try and make this
one of the first programs we helped to come out of retirement. I suggest
sending an e-mail of support directly to Elena. We can do this. Allan

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